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Entry #2

Watch the teaser of our anime-style short ALEXIS.

2007-10-02 18:42:08 by StudioBit

We´re promoting the teaser of our animated short titled: ALEXIS. The final version we hope will be ready for December. here´s the link:

Please enjoy it, and if you really like it, sugest it to the anime collection.

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2007-10-02 19:26:02

I see alot of potential in this...

If you upgrade the animation a little bit and the graphics too it will be amazing. It looks already nice, but it could be even more...

Take your time for the sequel and throw us a Masterpiece plz.


2007-10-02 19:34:05

ill agree to everything venomking666 said


2007-10-02 20:28:38

i like the video of anime and this is good


2007-10-02 21:25:03

Awesome, keep it up! ^_^